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Our History

Luhms Logo from 1953

The Luhm family began its business three generations ago painting and detailing automobiles. W.H. Luhm was able to detail a car with one swipe of his brush at a running pace alongside the car. His son, Ben Luhm Sr. began doing refinishing work in 1953 in his basement for friends. The business has been busy ever since. In 1967, they moved out of the basement to 1626 NE Jefferson Street in North East Minneapolis. In 1972 Ben Luhm Jr. took over the family business and his son Derrick Luhm joined him 15 years later. Today the business continues to grow and is located at 936 33rd Avenue N.E., Minneapolis, MN 55418. During these years, the business has done work on smaller items that simply needed a facelift, many pianos, large restoration projects such as the downtown Saint Paul Public Library, and some more unique items too.




Over the years, Luhm’s Refinishing has restored numerous pianos including some for a few local legends. Minnesota governors Rudy Perpich and Arne Carlson have both had their pianos restored at Luhm’s. Piano’s have been refinished by the company for people as far away as Boston, Massachusetts and even Alaska.



Throughout the years, Luhm’s has had the opportunity to work with some very unique people. In the early 1980’s, they refinished a huge solid oak display unit for the Rahr Malting Co. which had been built for the 1893 Chicago’s World Fair. The piece stood more than 30 feet tall when erected. Once the company contracted with an oil baron in Saudi Arabia to finish 10 doors. They refinished Mexican doors for a local importer. A piano that was refinished by the company was featured on an LP cover for Doc Severson’s band. And religious leader, Billy Graham, had his pulpit refinished by Luhm’s.



One of 4 Eagles from the Rahr Display Unit march 1st.

Ben Sr. 98th birthday


“New beauty for old wood – a family enterprise”
By George E. Jordan

This article appeared in the home/garden section of the Minneapolis Tribune paper on May 31, 1981.

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